Chronicle of Vanquished [FREE DOWNLOAD MUSIC]

Hello Folks! And here we go! Another year passed since the last time I have published music, and today is a day, which I have been waiting for the whole year! I want to share with you guys my the most recent project, which took me quite a while to compose =)

Chronicle of Vanquished is about our daily struggle. It is a fight between our “good” and “bad” aspects living alongside with us all the time! Which is, basically, a never ending story. Our emotions, thoughts, our actions and ability to empathize to each other between us all. This is a Fight between YOU and your own shadow.

So less talking!! Hope you will enjoy it! Thank you!

“Chronicle of Vanquished –
The voice of God. A desperate cry to men’s ultimate defeat against common enemy. Vanquished by evil, but not abandoned by God.”



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