OLEG – This is Who I Am

Finally, after a long time of preparation we are so happy to present who we are!

Here is the tune that explains who we are and what we are made of.

We are very confident and passionate young people who love what they do. We have something extremely important to share with all of you, and this is the first track to be released in this wilderness called the internet. We’ve been preparing for this moment and are very excited to have the opportunity, making it possible to share something like this with the world and people in it who are alike.

You are more than welcome to follow and support us throughout our journey that will be very, very BIG! We know, this is a competitive scene and genre, but we will not give up easily because we have something to say, to play, to shout, to blow, to kick, to sing, to share with you. All of us have a unique talent connecting within the band and we would love to take this opportunity to connect with you, our listeners.

We have a great line up filled with great and fantastic musicians:

Joel Waters – Drums
Deschanel Gordon – Piano
Hugo Piper – Bass
Oleg Golovetsky – Alto Sax

There is a lot more to come!

Keep following,
Keep looking,
Keep singing,
Keep swinging!

For more info:
OLEG – London Jazz Band

We believe in what we do and we believe you too!


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about any of my services.